Mid-South Fencers’ Club offers the exciting, dynamic Olympic and Paralympic sport of fencing for people ages 6 and up in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. We teach classes and camps, offer individual and group lessons, and hold tournaments for all three Olympic-style weapons: foil, epee and saber. Since opening the club in 2008, Mid-South has quickly earned itsplace as one of the top fencing clubs in the United States.

Fencing has unique benefits for the body and mind. Cumulative participation in the sport enhances balance and coordination, while increasing reflexes and agility. Our fencing community creates opportunities to build self-esteem, discipline, and good sportsmanship through our competitive development programs. Beginning fencers to lifetime athletes will benefit from the physical workout, and as you can imagine, fencing is also an excellent stress reliever!

At Mid-South Fencers’ Club, our edge is multifaceted. Backed by our highly skilled and qualified staff, we offer a fencing home for all fencers, from beginners to competitors with collegiate, national, or international aspirations. We also have the national and international results to back us up. Whether you come to Mid-South to learn the basics or to train for a competitive goal, we are here to meet your challenge, inspire, and support you in a fun and dynamic sport. Thank you for supporting fencing and thank you for supporting Mid-South!