More Thoughts on Coach Creator

Two days this week while giving lessons, I have experienced an openness to creativity similar to what I mentioned in my previous blog.  I can only describe it as feeling very at peace with the person to whom I am giving my lesson, and very able to see things and move things through the lesson.  There is also a feeling of connection, or I think it is trust between fencer and coach, and coach and fencer.  A few times there has been a pushback, or “fight” (having trouble finding the work here) between the student and that has given way to kind of Zen feeling, or a state of flow that you often hear athletes talk about during competition.  I experienced to some degree this sensation in all three lessons tonight.  The odd thing is I felt I could control it, and turn it off and on.  Turning it on had to do with allowing myself to experience joy in what I was doing. I arrived at the club to a packed Friday night of fencing, and was overwhelmed with appreciation for the club and stability it brings to my life.  Of course, there could be another reason for all this: it could be a reaction to the Sudafed I am taking… 😀 I will keep you posted!