1400 Wins

This past weekend national sport media buzz focused on the basketball legend Coach K and his 1k wins. 1,000 wins is quite an accomplishment! But, 1400 wins were earned by a Carolina coach. Anybody ever heard of Coach Miller, the Head Coach of the UNC Varsity Fencing Team?

If a number is just a number, with a little investigation it doesn’t take too long to discover what the real buzz of Miller is all about – his legacy. His hand (or paw) has had great influence in growing fencing across America and the connections are incredible.  Case in point, Sarah Hanvy was a student of Kelly Williams, who is a former student of Coach Miller’s. Williams went on the represent the United States at the first women’s sabre world championships and her work since indirectly supported her alma mater by Hanvy taking credit for UNC’s 1400th victory against Sacred Heart. It is this legacy of connecting generations that inspires so many of us long after the victories are tabulated.

If you want to get a hint of what it means to be a Carolina Fencer, check out this December 2014 article, The Advance of a Legend written by Ami Tsai. Tsai interviews several fencers who contributed to this 1400 number and the story keeps going…


The 2014-2015 UNC Team that brought Miller is 1400th victory.

The 2014-2015 UNC Team that brought Miller his 1400th victory.