Ned Light RYC Athlete Information

Mid-South Fencers is excited to host the 3rd Annual Ned Light RYC this weekend! We have a 40% growth in preregistrations from 2014. If you are a participating athlete or family member, please read carefully, as this document includes important information regarding tournament participation and preparations needed to create an event with an outstanding display of competitive youth sport participation. We need your help to achieve this.


Mid-South Fencers’ Club is located at 125 North Gregson Street, Durham NC 27701. The direct number to the club is 919-286-3100. We are located at the intersection of Morgan Street and Gregson street. The best place to park is the pay lot of Brightleaf Square at the intersection of Main Street and Gregson Street. Our club is a short one block walk north on Gregson street. Please be aware that street parking in the Brightleaf district is 2 hour parking.  Please do not park in the gravel parking lots adjacent to the fencing club on Morgan Street.

Event Start Times

First, please double check your start times. Due to the volume of entries we made a few schedule adjustments to better ensure on-time starts. Please note, you must be checked-in, have your equipment checked, and be ready to fence by your posted event time. If we are running more than 10 minutes behind schedule, we will make an announcement.


9:00am: Y10 Women’s Epee, Y10 Men’s Epee, Y14 Men’s Foil

11:00am: Y10 Women’s Foil

11:30am: Y14 Women’s Foil

1:00pm: Y10 Men’s Foil, Y14 Men’s Epee

3:00pm: Y14 Women’s Epee, Y14 Men’s Saber

5:00pm: Y14 Women’s Saber


8:00am: Cadet Mixed Saber

9:00am: Y12 Men’s Epee

10:00am: Y10 Men’s Saber

11:00am: Y12 Men’s Foil

11:30am: Y12 Women’s Epee

1:00pm: Y12 Men’s Saber

2:00pm: Y12 Women’s Foil, Y12 Women’s Saber


Please have ready before you enter the building:

  1. Proof of USA Fencing Competitive  Membership. If this is your first eventing outside your club or first national event, please check today and make sure you have a COMPETITIVE membership. Often clubs only require a recreational membership and you will need to upgrade. If you upgrade this week, please bring a copy of your receipt as the USFA database may not be updated in time. USFA cards that have expired are not accepted as proof of membership.
  2. Payment. Please have cash or checks made payable to Mid-South. The registration fee is $20 and each event has a $25 entry fee. You may pay for multiple entries at once even with different start times, however athletes still need to  check-in for events held on a different day.
  3. Proof of age. This includes: current USFA card that states the athlete is “age verified”, copy of the athlete’s birth certificate, or a passport.

Tournament Etiquette

We are expecting over 100 athletes each day and our space will be pushed to capacity, particularly on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. We suggest arriving one hour before close of registration for your first event in order to allow for equipment check and adequate warm-up. We have limited balcony seating for parent viewing that can reasonably hold 30-40 persons (capacity is 70 persons). Only athletes, referees and coaches will be allowed on the fencing floor. We will at times have some designated seating for parents on the main floor designated by orange cones. If the cones get moved, please adjust and move behind the cones. If the weather is nice, we will have outdoor seating areas. Please respect the club’s equipment and community member areas. If you need something, please ask. If your child has finished fencing, please create space for other families to watch their children.

Photos and Video Etiquette

Photos and video are great! Video can be a excellent training tool, but mostly is a fun way to see your fencer evolve over time.  Please refrain from using a flash during competition. Pictures will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page. Our hashtag for this event is #NedLightRYC. Since our governing body doesn’t yet have a policy on social media interactions, we suggest only tagging folks you have permission to tag and only posting comments and pictures in which your child is the focus of discussion.


Awards will be given for the top 8 finishes in each event. If you need to leave before awards are given out, please let us know so we can distribute your medal. We will post a “Be Back By” time for each award ceremony in case you need to feed your hungry fencer. Award ceremonies will take place in our lobby. Food, shopping and recreational activities are all within walking distance of the club.

Problems and Feedback

If you have a problem or concern, please make it known to one of our two front desk staff, or bout committee. We want to ensure safety, fun and creating a space for a positive tournament experience for everyone involved.

You may email Jeff (tournament organizer) jeff@midsouthfencersclub.org or Jen (club owner) jen@midsouthfencersclub.org with any feedback or suggestions before, during or after the event. Your voice is appreciated.

About Mid-South Fencers and the Ned Light RYC

Mid-South Fencers’ is a young club and we moved into our first space in downtown Durham, NC in 2008. We moved into our current location on the corner of Morgan and Gregson in the fall of 2013. Ned Light was one of our founding coaches but we lost him to cancer too early and too young. Ned began Triangle Fencing club, which met at the Duke University Faculty Club.  When Mid-South was founded in 2008, Ned merged Triangle Fencing Club with Mid-South which directly contributed to rapid growth of the club. Two of his first students are currently varsity fencers for Yale and UNC Chapel Hill. Ned embodied the values Mid-South promotes of bringing together community and sport through collaborative partnerships. Fun and competitive spirit were not mutually exclusive for Ned. We hope this tournament embodies that spirit of play and mutual appreciation for the referees, staff, and clubs who have come out to support this event.

In 2015 Mid-South is led by three full-time and four part-time staff backed by the highest credentials in the United States, including a female fencing Maestra who studied and trained under the current National Women’s Saber Coach, Ed Korfanty. Mid-South’s focus has been on creating a fencing home for all levels of fencers from beginners to competitors with collegiate, national, or international aspirations in all three weapons. Our speciality is sabre and we hope your experience with us this weekend entices you to return for another tournament, camp or clinic in the near future!

Thank you for choosing Mid-South and supporting our event.

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