Ryder Cup RJCC/ROC 2016 Results

The 3rd Annual Memorial Ryder Cup hosted 11 Divisions and 161 registrations in Durham, NC this past weekend. Metrics comparing the 2015 RJCC (Regional Junior and Cadet Circuit) portion of the event showed participation growth up 92% from 2015. The addition of the ROC (Regional Open Circuit), specializing in one event, Durham location, facility, and reputation of event organizers were reported as critical reasons for this increase in participation.

The event holds memory to William Ryder Darwin, a founding member of Mid-South Fencers’ Club, who tragically lost his life just shy of his 20th birthday. He was a 3 time national medalist, beloved friend, and drawn to fencing for the personal challenges offered to him by participation. This event began in 2014 as a way to honor his life and the dynamic growth that can transpire though competitive youth sport participation. In 2015 The Ryder Cup was recognized as a Regional Junior and Cadet Circuit event by USA Fencing.

Ryder, 3rd from the left, with his teammates and coaches on the medal stand in 2010.

Ryder, 3rd from the left, with his teammates and coaches on the medal stand in 2010.

Five clubs from North Carolina participated including: Queen City, Cape Fear Fencing, Research Triangle Fencing, and Knights of Sienna. From Mid-South Fencers’ Club, Sky Miller placed 2nd in the Div IA, 1st in the Cadet, and 2nd in the Junior event. Leanne Chan finished 6th in the Cadet and 3rd in the Junior. Andrew Klein finished 8th in the Div 1A. Mid-South supported this event with 13 unique athletes. Full results can be viewed here. 

Mid-South Fencers would like to thank the Darwin Family, all the participants, volunteers, referees, and staff for their assistance in supporting this event to such a high degree of success. In addition, thank you to all the supporting saber clubs in and outside Region 6 who, by their support, increased the overall strength of the event.

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Div IA ROC participants includes Cadet, Junior, DIV I and Veteran fencers.


Multiple generations of fencers coming together at Mid-South.


Last event of the weekend! The Junior Women’s Saber winner was Emma Pincus.