On Becoming an Olympian

The Olympics or college? Seems like a silly question, but an article published in The Oregonian eloquently contemplated this choice for Olympic hopeful Sage Palmedo of Oregon Fencing Alliance. Sage, like every competitive fencer, faces the choice of “real life” or fencing. I call this a training commitment choice. Fencers make these choices all the time and if your passion is fencing, this is serious stuff! The article got me thinking about what a training [Read More]


Year in Gratitude

More than simply a small business, it is my belief that our fencing club is a living entity.  Instead of listing all of the great things we have collectively accomplished in 2012, I’ve decided to personify the club in this blog and through this describe our journey from her perspective.  As you read the lines below you will experience the fencing the club from a different point of view as she offers her gratitude in [Read More]


Supporting Youth Competitive Fencing

Now is a great time to reflect on the purpose of competition as we start our new fencing season. I’d Iike to offer responses to common questions parents ask when considering signing their child up for the first or 50th competition. 1. Is my child ready to start competing? For starting out, we always suggest that a first timer watch a tournament before entering an event.  Some children will be ready to compete very soon, [Read More]


2011 Mid-South Fencer Year End Review

The 2011 review is a hard one to write.  I’ve been thinking about it for weeks.  Though so much has been good, we’ve had some pretty big losses this year that have had a ripple effect in our community.  The top ten things that stand out of me this year start with two noteworthy losses: 10. Resignation of Coach Matt:  We wish Matt well as he pursues his international refereeing independent of Mid-South and pushes [Read More]


Letter to Ned Light, 1967-2011

On Friday evening, December 16th, 2011 Ned, a founding coach of the Mid-South Fencers’ Club, died from a short and hard fought battle with cancer.  He leaves behind his wife Anne, his daughter, Erin, his father and two brothers.  Below is the letter written for a memory book that was given to Ned before his untimely death.  The outpouring of support and love for Ned and his family has been tremendous!  I know he was [Read More]


USA Cadet Team, Second Place in Hungary!

A young Mid-South Cadet traveled abroad with her coach to Godollo, Hungary for her first international event in her fencing career and Team USA ended up carrying home a trophy with silver international bling around their necks.   This is a brief introspective account of the young Cadet’s adventure, meet Joey Lew…. In the two days leading up to the trip I’d come down with a 102 degree fever, chills, aches, congestion, and a sore [Read More]


Celebrate our Mid-South Collegiate Fencers

Mid-South has three more “graduates” this year and for the first time they will be fencing for their respective college teams. Here is what our students have to say as they reflect back on how fencing influenced their collegiate choices. Claire Carson – MSFC Fencer 2009-2011 – Northwestern University, Chicago Fencing was a definite consideration in choosing a college. Luckily for me, the college that I liked the best academically was also the one with [Read More]


2010 Mid-South Year End Review

On the last day of 2010 I go to check the club’s Facebook Fan Page and see a rap posted by one of our fencers, which honors fencing, and Mid-South. The rap is creative, it’s funny, it’s reflective of the process of the fencer and most importantly, pokes fun at many things we take seriously about ourselves. I love it! The community interactions and involvement among our club members are one of the major things that have fed our community in 2010. We are not just brick and mortar, with a coach pouring fencing knowledge down the throats of eager Star Wars fans. We have now evolved into a living organism. We’re proliferating, like this rap that blossomed on our fan page last night!


Coastal Carolina Division

This past weekend was the NC Division’s annual fall meeting. As an organization we usually meet in August (planning session) and at Divisional Qualifiers (to vote in officers). We had average attendance, a small group, but mostly “the core.” Most of the usual things (scheduling) had been tidied up and we had a great planning/brainstorming session about developing coaching clinics in the state, how to/can we better serve collegiate clubs and a nice patting on [Read More]