US Fencing Development Status Check

On Labor Day weekend, thirty-four participants, spanning three generations of fencers aged 11 to 84, gathered to explore saber fencing. Our topics included what’s changing, what patterns are being recognized, and what work needs to be done in order to best arm our next generation of fencers. Our leader for this event was US Women’s National Saber Coach, Ed Korfanty. Our club “won” Korfanty’s visit from an Indiegogo fundraising challenge and helped open the doors [Read More]

Minton to Compete in Israel at World Maccabiah Games

David Minton, a member of Mid-South Fencers’ Club in Durham, is scheduled to compete in Jerusalem this July 21st and 22nd.  Opening ceremonies for the Maccabiah World Games are July 18th. Minton is not sure what to expect, “this is the first year for the Masters events (for fencers over forty). In past years, the Open division, has had Olympic medalists, and World Team Championship members. The competition may be very tough.” The World Games, [Read More]


On Becoming an Olympian

The Olympics or college? Seems like a silly question, but an article published in The Oregonian eloquently contemplated this choice for Olympic hopeful Sage Palmedo of Oregon Fencing Alliance. Sage, like every competitive fencer, faces the choice of “real life” or fencing. I call this a training commitment choice. Fencers make these choices all the time and if your passion is fencing, this is serious stuff! The article got me thinking about what a training [Read More]