Memberships are offered at various levels to meet the needs of our dynamic community. Memberships at Mid-South are annual commitments where the fencer must be a USA Fencing Association member and maintain their own working fencing equipment. All members have access to open bouting and reduced price packages for individual lessons, practice sessions, and classes. Practice times vary for each weapon and range from intermediate to advanced levels in all three Olympic-style weapons: foil, epee, or saber. We encourage all members to download to their smartphone this app to view the schedule and modify lessons or sign up for classes. If you already know what membership you want, please let us sign you up at the front desk.


  • Basic Memberships: The $70 monthly rate is the ideal membership for a fencer, lifetime or developing, who desires flexibility in their schedule. This membership includes club benefits of a reduced class pass rate, reduced lesson card rate, club discounts, and access to open bouting sessions throughout the week. If you need more structure consider the Basic +1 package that includes 5 practice sessions per month in addition to benefits of a basic membership. The Basic +1 membership fee is $125 monthly. These memberships must be paid by automatic payment on the 1st of each month or as a one time annual fee. Class passes and lesson cards are sold separately and have an expiration of one year from the purchase date. Equipment storage rental is also available. Class passes can be used for specialty classes, such as longsword or fitness, in addition to structured coach-led fencing practices. Class pass cost is $190 for 15 visits to be used within one year of date of purchase. Please see our online Member Practice schedule for details.
  • Competitive Memberships: Our nationally recognized programs include saber training for Youth (ages 8-14), Cadet, Junior, Division IA and Division I saber. Veteran teams at Mid-South are competitive for all Olympic weapons: foil, epee and saber. These membership can be bundled to include individualized training and planning, family consultations, and athlete coaching at local, national and international events. Local tournament fees, camp participation, and access to prime lesson times are also bundled into packages priced based on the length of the individual lessons. An unbundled competitive membership starts at $210 per month. Competitive bundled packages pricing begins at $360 per month. Please schedule a meeting with a coach to find out more details, and if a competitive membership is right for your family.

All Memberships Offer:

  • Access to discounted individual lessons: $270 for nine 20-minute lessons, $405 for nine 30-minute lessons.
  • Access to unlimited 0pen bouting practices.
  • Access to on site equipment storage.
  • Access to discounted class and practice sessions: $16 single visit, $140 for 10 visits, $190 for 15 visits.
  • Mid-South member promotions.
  • Family discounts.

All memberships are a 12-month commitment that begin and end on the annual date of your enrollment (generally September 1st). Due to the nature of our memberships, they cannot be exchanged or shared.  Please speak to a coach to discuss how a personalized plan would look for you.

Please note Non-Member rates are $30 for a practice drop-in session, $20 to join any open bouting session and $50 for a 30 minute lesson with any of our coaches.

If you have any questions regarding memberships,  please email After reviewing the information, if you still need some coaching on what choice to make, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!