Cultivating Fencing Club Success

What makes a fencing sport club work? Designed to be a place of teaching and refining fighting skills within a group, here is some general advice gathered over the years which has supported Mid-South Fencers’ Club success for close to a decade of development. Consult. Consult. Consult. Mid-South would not exist without the input, suggestions, warnings and firm advice from dozens of people. Connect yourself with people you can trust and make sure a few [Read More]


Death and Taxes

Morbid as death may seem and depressing as taxes can be, this time of year I think about both. I have been comparing the two in my head in relation to our community as I pay more taxes and we come upon significant anniversaries of friends gone. About ten years ago when the club was in the gestation phase there were no taxes to be paid and no deaths to mourn. I had several personal tax write-offs because so much money was being invested [Read More]