Priority On Youth #1, October 20, 2012

Thank you to all the parents, fencers and club members who made this first home event of our competitive year for youth at Mid-South successful! Most impressive was watching the youth working to support each other. Whether it was to help the newer fencers get warmed up, help with dressing out for the first time, working the bake sale, baking for the bake sale, refereeing or bringing in cans for the food drive, we appreciate it!  Parents too, thanks for supporting each other, supporting Bridge II Sports though the purchase of your holiday wreath, baking goods to helping out with registration and general jumping in to help things run smoothly.    We hold successful events because of people like YOU! THANK YOU!

The tournament collected 58 cans for the Scouting for Food drive to support our local food bank. Congratulations to Layne Huber, the equipment lottery winner! $60 was earned from the bake sale that will go directly towards our end of year prize table for our tournament season.  At the end of the five tournaments fencers on the points will get to pick out equipment based on their points standing. Points are earned based on participation and placement.  You must compete in four out of the five of our overall tournaments to be eligible. It’s not to late to get involved in our next tournament, come join us if you missed out, it’s fun!

The points list as of the first event:

Last name    First name    Total points
Potvin    Nathan    340
Tamburro    Leonardo    336
Chan    Leanne    308
Manturuk    Tristan    300
Manturuk    Elizabeth    280
Arsena    Patrick    252
Kaufman    Robert  “Trey”    216
Bonsell    Justin    214
Harmon    William    210
Chen    Alan    200
Cox    Luis    140
Deol    Navin    140
Deol    Preeya    114
Chiang    Megan    111
Sholomon    Sabrina    88
Gardner    Evan    80
Stults    Calvin    80
Tymas    Jesse    80
Woodward    Dylan    80
Elam    Charlie    78
Li    Andrew    78
Bonner    Mayson    74
Deol    Siarra    74
Deol    Anissa    14
Deol    Kareena    12
Huber    Layne    12
Beard    Tanner    10
Kipp    Sebastian    8
Dannull    Linus    6

Registration for our next event December 15th and 16th (includes foil) is here.

Register here for the next youth event in NC, the Junior Olympic Qualifiers in Apex, November 17th.

Results from our first Priority On Youth event can be found here.

Thank you for investing in youth development for better citizenship, leadership and social skills though fencing sport!