Summer Camp Coach Preview 2015

Mid-South is pleased to offer a variety of summer camps where the focus is always on fun, learning and friendships. Join Mid-South where we value personal growth, resiliency, self-confidence, and group collaboration skills from the start and carry these values on through our advanced program, where nationally competitive athletes flourish. Summer camps are led by our highly trained and skilled professional staff in four locations across the Research Triangle. Fencing is the ultimate sport and Mid-South invites you to come test, push and evolve your fencing skills, or just give the sport a try!

Beginner Camps: Ages 7-16

Mid-South offers two half-day and two full-day camps for young fencers at our home-base location in Downtown Durham. The half-day camps are ideal for the younger ones who want a solid introduction to the sport. This is an easy, safe way to see if there is interest in fencing. Ages for half-day camps are 7-12 years old. Our full-day camp age range is 8-16 years. We are a small program and strive for a 1:8 staff to camper ratio for all of our beginner and advanced beginner programs. Each camp is directed by a full-time professional fencing coach. We offer a one (1) hour window for late pick-up at the cost of $50 per week or $15 per day. 

Half-Day Mid-South Beginner Camp, July 6th -10th: 1pm-4pm, ages 7-12,  $170 – Register here!

Half-Day Mid-South Beginner Camp, August 17th – 21st: 9am-noon, ages 7-12, $170 – Register here! 

Full-Day Mid-South Beginner Camp, July 27th – 31st: 9am-3:30pm, ages 8-16, $280 – Register here! 

Full-Day Mid-South Beginner Camp, August 17th – 21st: 9am-3:30pm, ages 8-16, $280- Register here! 

Beginners are introduced to all styles of Olympic swords where they learn the basics of how to play the game.

Beginners are introduced to each style of Olympic sword as they learn the basics of how to play the game.

Off-site Mid-South maintains several strong working relationships with Durham Academy, Duke School and Cary Academy. Durham Academy’s camps are designed for beginners and are ideal for those who need the structure of full-day before and after care. Coach Oldham is the lead instructor for the DA summer programs. In 2015, Mid-South added a third week due to it’s popularity! Dates for the DA camps are: June 22-26th (PM), July 6th -10th (AM) and July 20th-24th (PM). Register here for DA! 

Cary Academy also offers before and aftercare, and is known for its unique academic offerings. Coach Kallio is the lead instructor at Cary Academy and year after year fencing is one of the most popular camps. Look after March 1st for online registration to be available for Cary Academy. Mid-South will be in Cary the weeks of: June 22nd-26th and July 20th-24th. Camps are all run as half-day weekly sessions separated by grade level.

Duke School’s summer programs have a vibe of their own. It is the smallest of our three off-site programs. Mid-South always feels at home in their middle school gym. Competition cannot be avoided in our society, but we can control how we engage competitively with one another. Mid-South joins Duke School during it’s week of Mix n’ Match camps for a camp that is 100% fencing and dodgeball! Oh, the dodgeball! Healthy competition is discussed, fostered and demonstrated here just like as it is in all of our programming around the Triad.   Check out Duke School’s summer programing here. 

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Camps

Many campers who return year after year really have TWO choices. First are our Blue Knight camps listed above. These camps incorporate games other than fencing (including dodgeball) but at the advanced beginner/intermediate camps you get to do a lot more of the “cool” fencing stuff, like use the electrical equipment. As a rule of thumb, if your child has not declared fencing as one of their sports, and loves the games and atmosphere we create in our Fence for Fun programs, the Blue Knight camps listed befow are designed for your child:

Full-Day Mid-South Beginner Camp, July 27th – 31st: 9-3:30pm, ages 8-16, $275 – Register here! 

Full-Day Mid-South Beginner Camp, August 17th – 21st: 9-3:30pm, ages 8-16, $275 – Register here! 

However, if you are finding your child wants and likes more the strategic parts of fencing, and you think fencing may be “their sport” consider one of these camps:

Advanced Beginner/Pre-competitive Saber Camp, July 13th – 17th, 9-3:30pm, ages 8-16, $295 – Register here!

Advanced Beginner/Pre-competitive Saber Camp, August 10th – 14th, 9-3:30pm, ages 8-16, $295 – Register here! 

If you do not have your own fencing equipment for the Advanced Beginner/Pre-competitive Camp, you will need to rent it for the week at a cost of $30. This camp can get pretty mentally and physically challenging at times, please make sure to pack lots of snacks, a water bottle and both indoor and outdoor shoes if you have them. If you have a question regarding if this camp or the full-day Blue Knight camp is more appropriate, please ask your instructor!

Learning to train and work together as a team while keeping your individual goals in focus are important. Intrinsic motivation starts here.

Learning to train and work together as a team while keeping your individual goals in focus are important. Intrinsic motivation starts here.

If you have your own equipment and have started competing in the 2014-2015 season you may want to test readiness for regional or national events.  Our Tournament Skills Camp is classified as an advanced camp, but we are always looking for tournament ready folks.  Camp is a great way to test for more intense training readiness. You can read more about our search for those who want to explore kung fu in fencing here. Age isn’t really the issue  for participation at our advanced camps, it is more about tournament readiness. Our coaching staff can help you evaluate if your child is ready to explore competitive fencing.

Tournament Skills Saber Camp, June 15th – June 19th, 9am- 5:00pm, $360 – Register here! 

Advanced Camps

The first advanced camp in June focuses primarily on tournament preparation and all things tournament related. This will include but is not limited to: nutrition, planning, goal setting, technical and tactical fencing, score-keeping and refereeing, sport psychology and of course, training to win! This summer both of our advanced camps will be sabre-centric.

Our August camp is a essential start for the season for those planning to compete in 2015-2016. If you are not sure, you will know after this camp what you are ready (and willing) to give it your all. This is our most physically and mentally challenging camp. We do physical fitness testing, play intense competitive group camps, and design our camp to advance the training of the most developed fencer within our group and modify to individual members of the group who need additional support as needed.  We fence under varying conditions to push our own physical and psychological limits. We establish intentions for the upcoming season with goal-setting and self-evaluations. This is a team-oriented camp, but many folks from outside our club participate year after year and the response is positive.  Age is not an issue so much as is the intent and wanting to work towards improving your fencing.

Fencers from outside Mid-South rave about feeling at home and enjoying the team camaraderie when participating at our camps. Just know, during this week, or any week at Mid-South, you are treated as one of our own. Home-stays are available and a brand-new Marriott Residence Inn will be in walking distance to the club this summer! W00T! Mid-South appreciates open communication with your home club coach and we value the collaborative coaching relationships we have across the country. A big bonus is we are sandwiched between both Duke and UNC’s campus, which allows for a great excuse to visit campuses if you are considering collegiate fencing.

If you still need direction and are wondering if Mid-South is the best place to invest in some serious training or intense fun, read our coaches’ bios, give us a call, or ask around. We love what we do, and our expertise and dedication to promoting a healthy competitive sport environment and positive coaching for youth athletic development is what Mid-South is all about!

Happy Camping!


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Our 6,000 sq ft facility on a wood-sprung floor is ideal for athletes training at the highest level.

Our 6,000 sq. ft. facility with 12 full-size electric strips on a wood-sprung floor is ideal for athletes training at the highest level.

Coach Jeff prepares to take on a camper in four square, a popular game in the summer.

Coach Jeff prepares to take on a camper in four square, a popular game in the summer.

Tournament fun at camp!

End of camp Beat the Heat Tournament is August 8th!