Parent, Coach and Spectator Agreement for Mid-South Fencers’ Club Tournaments and Events

Mid-South values creating a healthy sport environment for our fencers and recognizes building and maintaining a culture of positive sportsmanship requires cooperation among parents, coaches and spectators and also visiting families of opponents and their coaches. In order for fencers to grow as athletes, boundaries and guidelines must be set regarding the expectations of how parents, coaches and spectators will act.

We agree all individuals in our venue are expected to do the following:

Show encouragement to all fencers.

Keep comments positive.

Respect personal and professional boundaries of fencers, referees and coaches by providing space and keeping safe distances away from the fencing floor.

Allow coaches and team leaders to coach, support and give advice to their fencers.

Volunteer if you want to be more involved: bout committee, food runs, photography or becoming an armorer are just a few ways our community can be supported.

Leave officiating to the officials.

Avoid or ignore drama and unnecessary controversy that is unproductive.

Help make our events a positive experience for us all.

Report disruptions of these agreements to any Mid-South coach or front desk staff.


Mid-South Fencers’ Club, Inc

125 N. Gregson Street

Durham, NC 27712