The Ryder Cup Story

This fall Mid-South hosted one of the first USA Fencing RJCC (Regional Junior Cadet Circuit) events in our region, we called it, The Ryder Cup. About the same time this event was happening we were contacted by two Duke University undergraduates who were interested in using the club to put together a feature film as a course requirement. The course is called Advanced Media & Innovation, taught by Amy Unell and Carson Mataxis. This assignment was to feature and support local Durham entrepreneurs while helping to grow their film production skills.

Brandon Choi fenced at South Coast Fencing Center for two years under Brenden Richard. He picked this project with Jenny Changnon “because I am still really interested in the sport (and keep up with the news!) and wanted to learn more about the Mid-South community in the area.” Brandon’s experience of being part of South Coast Fencing enhanced his interviewing skills by demonstrating firsthand empathy of how close-knit a fencer’s community can be, he stated, “I knew the center would have a great story behind it. Moreover, I thought it was interesting that there was a fencing center amidst the basketball and football craze that is Carolina sports.”


Brandon and Jenny are considering using more of their footage taped from Mid-South as part of their final project for this media and innovation course. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to interview and support the club! It is wonderful to have a small documentary piece about our club’s history and history behind the person for which The Ryder Cup is named. Thank you Brandon and Jenny!