2016 Year in Preview

Happy New Year!

Cheers to setting expectations of good health and strong fencing for 2016.


Beginning fencers start at Mid-South at age 7. Our oldest fencer is 83 years old!


Did you know we have free intro classes monthly? Get started now!



Mid-South fencers train running “the wall” on Duke’s campus, blocks from our downtown location.

Our weekly practice schedule offers flexibility and support for optimal training and developing fencing excellence.


Goals are good and competition offers testing grounds for your training strengths and limitations as well as offering opportunities for life skill development unavailable in any classroom. Also, fencing teammate friendships last a lifetime. Compete with Mid-South this year:

Priority On Youth Tournament Series

NED LIGHT RYC April 1-3rd 2016

Mid-South’s 9th Annual GRAND OPEN 3 Weapon Event


Mid-South fencer Dylan Woodward on the piste at the Baltimore NAC in 2015.


There is no other experience like pushing yourself and testing your limits, but it starts with PLAY. 

Sign yourself or your child up today!


Intro to Saber: Tuesdays, 8-9pm starting 1/5 $160

Intro to Saber, Ages 8-14: Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30pm starting 1/6 $160

Intro to Foil: Wednesdays, 8:30-9:30pm starting 1/6 $160

Intro to Epee: Fridays, 7-8pm starting 1/8 $160

Family Fencing Ages 7-up: 1/9, noon-1pm $160

Medieval Longsword: 1/9 1-2:30pm

Home School Fencing: Tuesdays, 1/12, 1-2:30pm, $290

Blue Knight Intro Ages 7-9: Thursdays, 1/29 $160



National coach Ed Korfanty works with Mid-South fencer Leanne Chan at our Saber Colloquium late summer 2015.

Our summer camp programing is diverse and popular for all experience levels. Our dates and registration information can be found here . Check frequently our site for updates as we create new opportunities to coaching, refereeing and fencing development in 2016.



In 2015 Mid-South began hosting Longsword clinics and classes. Though studying the history of our sport, together we learn about innovation. Perhaps by studying the past we will find future evolutions of our sport?



Fencers all across our region challenged each other at the Ryder Cup RJCC in the fall of 2015.

The success of Mid-South has been in part due to raising the expectations of how fencers work together to build the ultimate sport of fencing globally. We grow and you grow because of competition and collaboration. It’s a delicate balance that must exist for the health and prosperity of our greater fencing ecosystem.  We are a small business supporting a vibrant, growing community. We love Durham!


Mid-South enters it’s ninth year of service to you in 2016. By creating a sustainable place for fencers and community to grow, we will continue to strengthen ourselves by refining and pushing ourselves to achieve excellence.

2015 Saber Colloquium Participants

2015 Saber Colloquium Participants with National Coach Ed Korfanty







Thank you for your support in 2015. Mid-South will continue to set high expectations in the level of service we offer you in 2016. Please email us with comments, suggestions and feedback and cheers to a grand 2016!