National Championship Qualification Announcement

Mid-South Fencers’ Club is proud to announce its list of qualifiers for the USA Fencing National Championships and July Challenge. The tournament will take place over June 29th-July 8th in Dallas, Texas. Mid-South would like to like to acknowledge the effort and commitment of these fencers to compete and represent North Carolina. The final qualification event took place this past weekend in Burlington, NC. Qualification results are as follows:

Carl Badger: VET60MS

Tom Byran: DIV2ME, VET40ME, VET40MF

Nick Cantin: DIV2MS, DIV3MS


Matthew Chaves: Y10MS, Y12MS

Luis Cox: Y10MS

James Dobbins: V50MS

Kat Harvard: DIV2WE, DIV3WE

Erich Haung: V40MS

Emmanuel Kaunitz:  DIV3MF

Ben Lockwood: DIV2MS, JRMS

Joe McLaughlin: V60MS

Sky Miller: DIV2WS, JRWS, CDWS, Y14WS

David Minton: V40MS

Jennifer Oldham: V40WS

Mira Pickus: Y14WS

Margaret Raynor: V60WF, V60WE

Katharina Smith: Y12WS

Joel Spielberg: VET70ME, VET70MF

Leo Tamburro: JRMS, CDMS

Iman Tucker: Y14WS, Y12WS

Connor Woodward: Y10MS

Dylan Woodward: JRMS, CDMS, Y14MS

Congratulations to all the fencers and their supporting families for their effort this season. Mid-South is also planning to field teams in each weapon possible. Good luck fencers!