Downloading Dallas

USA Fencing tests the endurance limits of member clubs and coaches with its Summer National Championships and July Challenge. Dallas 2016 leaves us with an incomplete 2015-2016 season due to the tragic events that caused the last day of the tournament to be cancelled.

Congratulations to all Mid-South participants on their results and efforts:

Carl Badger: GOLD V60MS

Nicholas Cantin: 125 Div 2 MS, 141st D3MS, 21st SRMSTeam

Leanne Chan: 69th D1AWS, 95th JWS, 87th CWS, 10th Div3WS, 8th Div2WS, 60th Y14WS

Ben Lockwood: 106th Div2MS, 179th JMS, 21st SRMSTeam

Sky Miller: 60th JWS, 35th CWS, 8th Y14WS

David Minton:  5th V40MS

Joel Spielberg: BRONZE Vet70ME, 10th Vet70MF

Leo Tamburro: 133th JMS, 113th CMS, 21st SRMSTeam

Dylan Woodward 174th JMS, 90th CMS, 59th Y14MS, 21st SRMSTeam

One of the most exciting moments for Mid-South was Carl Badger becoming National Champion and earning his place on the USA World Veteran Team. Badger is scheduled to compete in Germany this fall with the rest of the USA Veteran Team. Badger set this goal of making the World Team at the Korfanty Clinic in the fall of 2015 – becoming National Champion was a bonus!

Another team veteran, David Minton, no stranger to the medal stand, finished 5th in his respective event. Leanne Chan, our fierce endurance warrior, competed in six events over the course of 8 days. During her 4th event, Chan placed 10th in Division III, narrowly missing the medal stand by a one-point disappointing loss. After a quick night’s sleep, Chan got up again and earned her spot on the medal stand in the Division II event. In her bout to make the final eight, Chan narrowly defeated Nellya fencer, Sabrina Zhao, 15-14, in an even match-up. It was fantastic to see Leanne proudly stand on the medal stand finishing as the youngest athlete to earn an award in that event.


Badger (far left) supported by his team after winning the VET 60 National Championship. Also pictured: Tamburro, Miller, Chan, Coach Kallio and Lockwood (left to right)

In the Y-14 National Championship for Sky Miller and Leanne Chan, they both split their pool rounds 3-3. Miller, known as the comeback queen, dominated each of her direct elimination bouts, losing only to the winner of the event, Ryan Jenkins, 11-15, in the round of eight. It was only in that final round that you could see the ‘comeback queen’ in action. She was down 0-8 at the break and scored 11 touches in the second half. In Dylan Woodward’s final Y-14 youth event of his career, he advanced easily to the third round of direct elimination after receiving a first-round bye. Woodward was ahead against Schmitt (from Premiere Fencing Academy) at the break, but ended up with well-fought loss.  Schmitt ended up winning the entire event!

A highlight for our coaches was observing our exceptional team support. Parents supported their own kids as well as each other’s kids. The Veteran fencers supported the Juniors, and the Juniors scouted for the Vets.  In the wake of the Dallas tragedy, Mid-South had two fencers scheduled to compete who did not get to fence: Luis Cox (Y-10 Saber) and Iman Tucker (Y-12 Saber). Though Cox and Tucker are our youngest fencers competing this year, both understood why their events were cancelled. It is unknown how many fencing events across the world have been cancelled due to security issues. Both fencers look forward to next year’s Summer Nationals.

The second half of summer now transitions us to training for next season. After a short rest for some, we will have exciting fencing in the Summer Olympics to observe and serve as inspiration for our training going forward.  We look forward to more successes and growth in the 2016-2017 season.