Mid-South Team Heads to Richmond

Twenty athletes from Mid-South Fencers’ Club will travel to Richmond, VA this weekend for the April NAC (North American Cup). Competitive event categories include: Division 1 & Wheelchair National Championships, Division 3, Veterans, including a special event for age 80 category. Mid-South Fencers’ will have participants in each competitive category of fencing. Good luck to:

Tammy Jackson

Markus Lang

Robert Clinton

Kevin Zhou

Tom Bryan

Mike Nicholson

Stephen Pashby

Xavier Preud’Homme

Victor Minton

Sky Miller

Scott Anderson

Aelex Congiusta

Josh Brown

Paul Miller

David Minton

James Dobbins

Carl Badger

Joe McLaughlin

Lauren Dunseath

Emma Buckingham

Team Schedule:

Friday 4/20 7-8am Vet WE Saturday 4/21 7-8am Vet ME Sunday 4/22 7-8am D1WS Monday 4/23 7-8am D3ME
Tammy Markus Sky Scott
Friday 4/20 12-1pm V50 ME Saturday 4/21 7-8am D3MS Sunday 4/22 7-8am D2ME Monday 4/23 7-8am V40MF
Markus Kevin Scott Tom
Friday 4/20 12-1pm CHR ME Saturday 4/21 12-1pm Vet MF Tom Mike
Robert Tom Sunday 4/22 7-8am D3WS Stephen
Mike N. Aelex Monday 4/23 7-8am V50MF
Stephen Sunday 4/22 10-11am V60 WF Xavier
Xavier Tammy Monday 4/23 10-11am Vet WF
Saturday 4/21 12:30-1:30pm Vet60 WE Sunday 4/22 10-11am CHR MS Tammy
Tammy Robert Monday 4/23 12-1pm Vet MS
Saturday 4/21 1-2pm Vet80 ME Sunday 4/22 12-1pm D2MF David
Vic Josh Monday 4/23 12-1pm D2WE
Saturday 4/21 12-1pm CHR MF Sunday 4/22 1:30-2:30 V40 MS Lauren
Robert Stephen Emma
Sunday 4/22 1:30-2:30 V50 MS Monday 4/23 9-10am Vet80 MS
Paul Vic
Sunday 4/22 2-3pm V60 MS

Link to Live Results: https://www.usafencing.org/apr2018nac

Good luck team!