Chris Cheney Joins Mid-South Coaching Staff

We are pleased to announce Mid-South Fencers’ Club has hired a third full-time coach, Chris Cheney. Chris has a strong coaching background with deep connections to Mid-South. Chris has been a professional coach for 7 years and began fencing in 2002. Known as the “fencer who came out of nowhere,”  Chris has won numerous regional titles, two national championship titles, and represented Team USA as part of the Under 20 World Cup Team and the Pan American Sports Festival. Throughout his career, Chris has worked with many of America’s top coaches and athletes, and brings his wide range of experiences into teaching.  Chris established himself as a coach in his own right in 2011 by founding his own club in Franklin, Tennessee where his fencers won 5 consecutive state titles, multiple national medals, and competed on the international stage. Chris joins our team from his most recent coaching tenure with Durkan Fencing Academy where he is currently finishing out the season as a coach and training partner for two Olympic hopefuls.

We are happy to have Chris settle Mid-South as his next fencing home. We know he will jump in with great charisma, sharing his knowledge of and enthusiasm for our sport, as Mid-South continues to build our community. The greater fencing community knows Chris best for his genuine approachability and commitment to building a positive sport culture. Welcome, Chris!

Chris plans to join our coaching staff July 20th, 2018.

Chris, standing third from the right, with the referee cadre at the 2018 Ned Light RYC.