2019 Charlotte North American Cup Mid-South Line-up

This weekend, Charlotte is hosting a Division I, Junior, and Wheelchair North American Cup. Good luck to the Mid- South Fencers’ Club athletes, and all the fencers from North Carolina participating. Competing for Mid-South Fencers’ Club: 

Friday: Lauren Dunseath (ranked 169th) will be fencing Division 1 Women’s Epee at 3pm. Sky Miller (ranked 16th), Leanne Chan (ranked 90th), and Iman Tucker (ranked 123rd) will be fencing Junior Women’s Sabre at 1pm. Robert Clinton (ranked 1st) will be fencing Wheelchair Men’s Saber at 9am.

Saturday: Sky Miller (ranked 23rd), Leanne Chan (ranked 93rd), and Iman Tucker (ranked 174th) will be fencing Division 1 Women’s Sabre at 3pm. Robert Clinton (ranked 2nd) will be competing in Wheelchair Men’s Foil at 9am.

Sunday: Watch our Men’s Foil Team (ranked 15th): Stephen Pashby, Michael Nicholson and Tom Bryan at 8am. Robert Clinton (ranked 6th) will be competing in Wheelchair Men’s Epee at 8am. Dylan Woodward (ranked 168th) will be competing in Division I Men’s Saber at 9am.

Monday: Kevin Zhou (ranked 204th), Skyler Hoffman (ranked 190th), and Dylan Woodward (ranked 137th) will be fencing Junior Men’s Sabre at 8am.

Refereeing: Chris Cheney, Stephen Pashby, and Michael Nicholson.

Coaching: Jen Oldham and Jeff Kallio.

Good luck participating in one of the toughest competitions in the world, right here in our home state! You can follow the results live here.