2019 Junior Olympic Final Results

Mid-South’s team depth revealed itself on the final day of the Junior Olympic Championships this past weekend in Denver, Colorado. Sky MILLER ended her Cadet career with a Cadet BRONZE, finishing the season ranked nationally 4th and earning a new A19 rating. Saturday, after the conclusion of the Junior event, she placed 9th. MILLER was ranked 1st coming out of the pool round in Cadets and tied for 2nd in Juniors.
Iman TUCKER finished in the middle of the pack for both the Cadet and Junior events. Tucker came out of pools 3-3 each day and finished 89th in a field of 196 fencers for Juniors, 98th in a field of 182 fencers for Cadets.
Newbie Anna SCHIKORE, entered the national arena participating in the Cadet event, finishing 128th out of 182 athletes from across the country. After barely making the pool round cut, she upset a higher ranked fencer in a tactically fierce bout, winning 15-14.
Kevin ZHOU and Skyler HOFFMAN forged the path for our developing men’s team. Zhou finished 159th and Hoffman 147th in a field of 239 fencers for Cadets. Both lost 14-15 in exciting and close matches in the first round of the direct elimination. Hoffman was our lone fencer representing the Junior men’s event, finishing 223rd out of 265 fencers after a tough pool round.
Congratulations, team, on an outstanding Cadet and Junior season! We look forward to building and expanding our team next season and thank our fans for their cheering at home, on the road and online.