Summer Nationals and July Challenge 2019

Find us on the competition floor at this banner!

Columbus, Ohio – Thirty members of Mid-South Fencers’ Club, located in downtown Durham, NC, are set to compete over the July 4th holiday in a record setting ten day championship event. Good luck team!

Name Events
Anna Schikore D2WS, D3WS, CDTWS
Carl Badger Vet60MS, VTMMS
Eric Huang Vet50MS, VTMMS
James Dobbins Vet50MS, VTTMS
Joe Mclaughlin Vet60MS, VTMMS
Lauren Dunseath D2WE, STMWE
Markus Lang Vet50ME
Neila Huang Y10WS
Spencer Hill Y10MS
Tammy Jackson Vet60WE, Vet60WF, D3WE, D3WF, VTMWE
Doya Wunnava Y10WS
Elina Wunnava Y12WS, Y14WS
Xavier Preud’homme Vet50ME, Vet50MS, Vet50MF, VTTMMF
Tom Bryan Vet40MF, VTMMF
Ari Etin Y12MS, Y14MS
Connor Woodward Y12MS, Y14MS
Iman Tucker JRWS, CDTWS, D2WS
Jeff Kallio v40MS, VTMMS
Kevin Zhou Y14MS, CDTMS, JRMS, D3MS, D2MS
Krish Mehta Y12MS, Y14MS
Kushal Hiremath Y12MS
Luis Cox Y14MS, CDTMS
Matthew Chaves Y14MS, CDTMS, JRMS
Phoebe Todd Y14WS, CDTWS
Sky Miller JRWS, D1WS, STTM
Skyler Hoffman JRMS
Stephen Pashby V40MS, V40MF, VTMMS, VTMMF
Elle Carrasco Y12WS, Y14WS
Guillaume Preud’homme Y12MS
David Fort Y14MS