Mid-South Community Notice 3/15/2020

Usually this type of communication comes in the form of a “Weeklyish Newsletter” via email to our members. We are making our communication more transparent and available to our greater fencing community who will be impacted by the rapid social changes occurring and by our club’s schedule adjustments. Thank you in advance for taking care of and supporting each other.

Dear Fencing Community:

New information about the coronavirus COVID-19 is being shared and thank goodness for math and statistics to help us better understand what we can’t yet see! Our community members have served as resources for us in our decision making. We want to lead responsibly and we THANK YOU.

The steps we are implementing now are intended to put our healthcare providers first and support our families with members at greater risk for complications due to the virus. The best decision for our community we believe is closing for 14 days.

Assuming our community participates well in self-isolation, after the 14 days, we will plan for individual training at the club and in your homes, and small group training if advised. We are thinking critically about timing our exposure when it is deemed that our healthcare systems are ready for the impact. We will look to our community leaders and Duke Health for transparency on how to do this well, responsibly.

Look forward to the creation of online content for our members. We are using digital media as a way to update our services.  Every staff member is working on providing quality content. Members will be emailed links to where they can view content at their own pace, and sign up to participate in group lessons and seminars. This week we will also be adding a Virtual Membership for those who want to join our club from afar and benefit from the online training. Stay tuned!

Until then, all staff are able and willing to do online consultations to help make sure your fitness and training routines don’t fall by the wayside until we can serve you in person again.

As you can imagine, the financial impact of this national emergency is looming over us as we look for ways to cut costs and preserve our club. We ask each member to maintain their membership as long as you are financially able. If you also are having immediate financial implications, we are happy to adjust the cost of your membership so you still can participate in club services until we as a community bounce back.

With gratitude,

Jen and Jeff