Mid-South Community Notice 3/18/2020

Dear Fencing Community:

Cheers to creative ingenuity and forward thinking! We are in an unusual time and our staff appreciates everyone’s patience as we find ways to adapt in order to support those on the front line combating COVID-19 and to sustain our club. 

We want to be clear our intentions are to put our healthcare providers and their families first. The USA Fencing national office emailed a notice to all club owners yesterday: that in order to protect our population, they are recommending Member Clubs and coaches suspend practices, lessons and gatherings. Through at least April 6th, USA Fencing will not be sanctioning such activities, and insurance coverage will be unavailable. 

Outlined below is a short term action plan for our community with plans to keep our fencers engaged, staying active and supporting one another: 

Creation of Online Engagement. Members, you will receive an email soon with a login and password to a special page on our website. We realize we are not posh Peloton trainers with the equipment for this, but it’s a start. We will provide links to stuff we think is cool, including our own short practice videos you can select and view and participate in at your own pace. (We know our teenagers will give us the honest feedback we deserve!) We are committing to regular content, for all levels of enthusiasts. 

Virtual Practice Meetings.  Integrated into the online content will be small group virtual meetings for our members so you can stay connected to your friends and keep moving. This will evolve; again, we’ve got to start somewhere. We are in the process of dividing each weapon group and competitive interest level in order to create the best group to support your at home training. Your coach will reach out to you about setting up a time. 

Virtual Membership. If you are not a current member, and want to take advantage of our community services, please join and purchase a Virtual Membership for $40 through our online point of sale. This is a month to month membership and you can cancel at any time. A coach will contact you about setting up a virtual small training group for you! Click here to go to our Mindbody site and set up your virtual membership today.

Online 1:1 Coaching. 20, 30 and 40 minute virtual consultations are available and will be the same price as individual lessons. SafeSport rules still apply for minors. Parents, older siblings or other staff members must be in earshot for online coaching. Suggestions include: bringing your own video to review, help on setting training goals, or let us give you feedback about your training and technique through Zoom. 

Gift Certificate Purchase. Pay it forward. You may also purchase a gift certificate of any amount online to show your support. You can even send it to a friend!

Thank you for your support of each other. 

Please reach out and check in on your teammates! 

Looking forward, we see the financial impact of this national emergency looming over us. We are looking for ways and taking action to cut costs and preserve our club should this last more than just a month or two. We ask each member to maintain their membership until we can see more clearly what kind of path we have to forge to persevere. If you also are having immediate financial implications, we are more than willing to adjust the cost of your membership so you still can participate in club services until we as a community bounce back. We don’t want cost to be an issue for you in order to stay connected to your fencing or your child’s fencing community. Please know, we are being proactive in our survival. 

Thank you. 

With love and gratitude, 

Jen and Jeff