Miller on Ballot for USA Fencing Board of Directors

With pride, Mid-South Fencers’ would like to endorse Vickie Miller for the USA Fencing Board At-Large Director! Vickie explains why it is best to vote for her on her website, which is fabulous. Her credentials say a lot about her capabilities. However, we’d figure you’d like to hear from the USA Fencing club she’s worked most closely with. What do we think about Mrs. Miller?

First, we know her as a fencing mom. Despite our encouragement to have her daughter pack her own fencing bag… she still insists. She keeps routine and structure, and by doing so, fully demonstrates the value of being prepared and how it takes a team to build a champion. Team Miller has gotten the job done. 

Mrs. Miller cares about the club. To clarify, Vickie cares about the whole club, not just her fencer and what her fencer can get out of the club. She has demonstrated her concern about our members in numerous ways via her family participation in activities which value more than medal counts and points. 

It is clear to us Vickie sees another way to help us all: clubs, referees, the sport, and the evolution of fencing in the United States of America based on her outside experience. If elected, we know Mrs. Miller will help forge this path no matter what level of fencing its members pursue. People first would be the slogan Mid-South would use to describe her value system. 

Warning: Vickie can get fired up about justice! The sport world requires and has a history of leading in regards to transparency of fairness and fair play. She is passionate about referee development and working for all those who keep the sport fair, civil, and transparent in its opportunities. 

We believe Vickie will work for all of USA Fencing in the same way she has worked for the whole club. Thank you for voting. We hope for continued growth in our sport despite the current setbacks we are enduring as the Covid crisis continues. We believe that Vickie Miller will help us through this crisis to a better future of fencing.


Jen and Jeff

Vicki Miller with daughter Sky and husband, Paul.


Starting May 6th, you can vote for Vickie Miller.