Mid-South Zoom Procedures

Mid-South Families,

With the rapid addition of online learning we have learned a lot about strengths and limitations of a new medium of instruction. We are adding the guidelines below in order to help monitor and protect our community. 

Updated Member Form (updated soon for the 2020-2021 Season):  Each year a parent or guardian signs a participant agreement form. The updated form will be similar to the ones you have read and signed in the past, however the updated form will also include information regarding online programming.

Parents are required to be nearby for all lessons:  It is required that all students have a parent or guardian within earshot of lessons. Many Mid-South parents are already involved in lessons and this does not change their involvement.  Our recommendation is all students 12 years and younger have a parent within hearing range of their lesson. Parents of older students may work in an adjacent room or open space.

All lessons take place over Zoom via Mid-South Coaches’ Accounts: If you have not already, you can download the Zoom application for free HERE. Coaches will send you the links for the meetings, so all you need to do is download the application. Please make sure you update Zoom regularly. You are not expected or required to purchase any equipment for online lessons.

To join Zoom lessons, fencers must log in with their own names and with video enabled: Please make sure the fencers’ first and last initial is used and video is enabled upon entry into a group practice. A name that is unrecognized may delay or prevent entry in the practice. The room is constantly monitored by staff for participants’ entries and participation.  Video helps coaches help fencers practice safely in their virtual practice space.

During Zoom lessons, chat and recording is not allowed: Coaches will disable the chat function.  For safety and privacy concerns, participants are not allowed to record the lessons.

Lessons will take place in a professional space: Even though lessons may feel more casual with virtual lessons taking place in our own homes, both teachers and students should do what we can to keep lessons professional. This means that the Zoom backgrounds should be simple and professional, and lessons should take place in an appropriate space — like a living room or office, not the bedroom of a child or coach. 

We know some of these guidelines will add extra effort on your part, whether to find another space for the lesson to take place, or to familiarize yourself with the world of Zoom. In this crisis we really appreciate the patience of our community as we learn together.  We welcome your suggestions on creating Best Practices for Online Communication.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us directly. 



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