Fencing Flex Membership

Saluting before a bout

MSFC fencers salute their opponents before a team competition.

The Fencing Flex Membership is an annual membership that offers à la carte packaging for coaching services. You can choose your weekly practice schedule, camps, individual lessons and clinics based on your training goals.  If you need to upgrade or drop your Flex membership level anytime, for any reason, no problem! Keeping a Fencing Flex membership guarantees the best opportunity to train with full-time professional coaches on your terms, offering flexibility when you need it.

Training classes are offered Monday through Saturday and varies by season.  Fencers must be USFA competitive members and maintain their own working fencing equipment.

  • Unlimited Practices: $180 per month – Practice once a week or daily, depending on your training committment and schedule. This level of service also includes access to open bouting, coaching services and locker room storage
  • Weekly Practice : $115 per month – one practice session that includes a class and unlimited open bouting throughout the week
  • Weekend Warrior: $50 per month – includes unlimited open bouting during allotted times and “club nights” during holidays

Weekend Warrior membership is designed for the recreational fencer or fencer from another club or collegiate program who is committed to supporting the club and wants to receive club benefits. This membership level does not offer coaching services and would be subjected to additional fees for regional or national event coaching and training consultations.

All members levels receive the individual member lesson rate and member discounts. Discounted member lesson cards cost $405 for 9/30 minutes lessons (recommended twice a week for competitive fencers) or $270 for 9/20 minute lessons (recommend weekly for developing or recreational fencing).

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