Outlined below is a short term action plan for our community with plans to keep our fencers engaged, staying active and supporting one another with an ONLINE MEMBERSHIP. Please note these services are included as part of all our member and academy programing.

Creation of Online Engagement. Members have received an email with a login and password to a special page on our website this password in updated via our Weeklish Newsletter. We are committing to consistent content, for all levels of enthusiasts.

Virtual Practice Meetings.  Integrated into the online content will be small group virtual meetings for our members so you can stay connected to your friends and keep moving. This is evolving.

Virtual Membership. If you are not a current member, and want to take advantage of our community services, please join and purchase a Virtual Membership for $40 through our online point of sale. This is a month to month membership and you can cancel at any time. A coach will contact you about setting up a virtual small training group for you! Click here to go to our Mindbody site and set up your virtual membership today.

Online 1:1 Coaching. 20, 30 and 40 minute virtual consultations are available and will be the same price as individual lessons. SafeSport rules still apply for minors. Parents, older siblings or other staff members must be in earshot for online coaching. Suggestions include: bringing your own video to review, help on setting training goals, or let us give you feedback about your training and technique through Zoom.

Hopefully soon, we will be back to normal…

Already a fencer or wanting to become a competitive fencer? Memberships are offered at various levels to meet the needs of our dynamic community and maintain financial support to sustain our state of art facility and programming. Memberships are commitments to the club and fencing development in North Carolina as well as to your own personal fencing development. The fencer must also be a USA Fencing Association member and maintain their own working fencing equipment. All members have access to open bouting and reduced price packages for individual lessons and group lessons. Practice times vary for each weapon and range from intermediate to advanced levels in all three Olympic-style weapons: foil, epee, or saber. Everyone in our fencing community is welcome to join “open bouting” and we welcome folks from all over the United States, local universities and other clubs on a “drop-in” basis of $20. Please check out open bouting schedule to find the best time for your level and weapon group. We do offer discounts to our local undergraduate and graduate students!


  • Basic Membership: $90 a month supports fencers with the benefits of open bouting during designed times six days a week. Membership at this level allows you to pick and choose your classes and lessons and pay a la carte. Lesson and class passes (virtual punch cards) are sold separately and have an expiration of one year from the purchase date. Equipment storage rental is also available. Class passes can be used for any specialty class, such as Longsword or fitness, in addition to structured coach-led fencing instruction in each Olympic-style weapon. Please see our online Member Practice schedule for details.
  • Competitive Memberships: Our nationally competitive club develops younger fencers in saber training starting at age 8. The categories in fencing are Youth (10,12,14), Cadet, Junior, Division and Div I, IA, II and III. Adult teams (age 14+) at Mid-South are competitive for all Olympic weapons: foil, epee and saber. The competitive membership starts at $210 per month and can be bundled to include individualized training and planning, family consultations, and athlete coaching at local, national and international events. Local tournament fees, camp participation, and access to prime lesson times can be bundled into packages priced based on the length of the individual lessons. Competitive bundled packages pricing begins at $360 per month. Please schedule a meeting with a coach to find out more details, and if a competitive membership is the best choice for your family.

All Memberships Offer:

  • Access to discounted individual lessons.
  • Access to unlimited 0pen bouting practices.
  • Access to on site equipment storage.
  • Mid-South member promotions.
  • Family discounts.
  • Tournament coaching.

2019-2020 Member Service Pricing:

  • $140 for a 10 visit Group Class Pass.
  • $190 for a 15 visit Group Class Pass.
  • $288 for a 20 minute individual lesson package (9 lessons).
  • $432 for a 30 minute individual lesson package (9 lessons).
  • $60 annual cubbie rental (when available).
  • $180 annual locker rental (when available).

Due to the nature of our memberships, they cannot be exchanged or shared.

Please note Non-Member rates are $30 for a practice drop-in session, $20 to join any open bouting session and $55 for a 30 minute lesson with any of our coaches.

If you have any questions regarding memberships,  please email After reviewing the information, if you still need some coaching on what choice to make, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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