Mid-South Charlotte Metro

In an effort to expand the love of fencing across our great state of North Carolina, Mid-South has been supporting fencing classes at Belle Johnson Community Center in Pineville the past two years but they are redoing the floor in March and we are moving our classes to Elon Recreation Center behind Elon Park Elementary starting on March 7.  Our classes are from 6:15 pm – 7:45 pm on Thursday evenings. Equipment is included in the class cost. Open fencing (bouting) will be included afterwards as part of the class fee. Local saber fencers in the area can drop-in for “open bouting” as we will have one current electric scoring box to start out and of course fencing old school “dry” as we build the club’s equipment. Cost for local saber fencers is $15 for open bouting. Drop-in fencers must bring your own equipment and have membership with USA Fencing.


*Classes are subject to change due to enrollment numbers. Advanced notice will be given.

Cost is $175 per student for the 8 week session. Additional discounts can be given for family members, contact us for more information.

This grassroots group is organized by Marcus Crow. Marcus Crow was four-year varsity fencer at UNC-Chapel Hill and a two-time NCAA Championship participant and is a Professional Member of USA Fencing. Marcus is a former Assistant Coaches with the UNC Varsity Fencing Team. For more information, please contact Jenny Crow at (704) 658-7510 or via email to Clt@midsouthfencersclub.org.

If you are in the Charlotte Metro Area and are looking to expand fencing and help grow our sport, we are looking for space and opportunities to grow fencing. Contact Jennifer Oldham  for more information.