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Updated 5/26/2020

Here, Mid-South members can access online learning tools. We have training and support videos, webinars, and more. Visit this page frequently for updated content and links to virtual events as we evolve.

Mid-South LIVE! Saber Focused Virtual Class Schedule:

  • Mondays @ 6pm – Saber Focused Virtual Practice
  • Tuesdays @ 7pm – Virtual Partner Drill Class
  • Thursdays @ 7pm – Saber Focused Virtual Practice

Mid-South members please check your email inbox for the Zoom links for this practices.  These are geared towards our competitive team, but all are welcome! Be sure to have an adequate and safe practice space, a water bottle, and a weapon nearby. Need info about joining these practices? Email Jen@midsouthfencersclub.org

Mid-South Member & Academy Virtual Class Schedule:

  • Tuesdays @ 1pm – Youth Saber Academy with Coach Jeff
  • Tuesdays @ 6pm – Teen Developing and Competitive Team with Coach Cathleen & Coach Jeff
  • Wednesdays @ 5pm – Youth Saber Academy with Coach Jeff
  • Wednesdays @ 7pm – Epee’ Academy with Coach Chris
  • Thursdays @ 6pm – Youth Competitive Team with Coach Jeff

Coaches Jen and Jeff have already sorted folks into these small groups and have emailed your recurring Zoom meeting link.  If you are not in a group, or have questions, email jeff@midsouthfencersclub.org
Academy students register for their class each week via the Mindbody system, up to one hour before the start of class. Coaches will send out the Zoom meeting link and the lesson video for the week. 

Featured Video from May 26th:

Coach Jeff shows you how to practice a transition exercise to improve distance and timing:

Mid-South Academy Corner

5/26: Mid-South Academy Weekly Lesson: Slide Steps Part 2
5/19: Mid-South Academy Weekly Lesson: Practicing Slide Steps
5/5: Mid-South Academy Weekly Lesson: Practicing Check Steps
4/28: Mid-South Academy Weekly Lesson Video: Change of Direction & Attacks
4/14: Mid-South Academy Weekly Lesson Video: Practicing Advance-Lunges
4/7: Mid-South Academy Weekly Lesson Video: Practicing Lunges
3/31: Mid-South Academy Weekly Lesson Video: Practicing Extensions
3/26: Mid-South Academy Online Virtual Class Schedule &  info email here.
3/16: Coach Chris goes through the Yellow Stamp requirements and please download the tracking sheet to chart your progress

Youth Competitive & Developing Teen Members

5/26: Practicing Transitions
5/5: Practicing Counter Time Ripostes
4/28:Open Eye and Accelerating Simple Attacks with Lunge
4/14:Back Foot Attacks Part 2
4/7: Half Step Preparation/Back Foot Advance Lunge 

Saber Exercises for Everyone

4/9: Tactile Parry Drill Part IV
4/9: Tactile Parry Drill Part III
3/27: Tactile Parry Drills Part II
3/26: Tactile Parry Drills Part I
3/17: Coach Jeff shows you how to build speed and control in your cuts with Short Cut/Long Cut
3/16: Coach Jeff shows you how to build finger strength and dexterity with Spider Drills

Advanced Saber & Travel Team

4/9: Coach Jen’s Primer on Practicing Feints
4/9: Coach Jeff’s Tactile Parry Drills Parts 1-4
4/6: Avant Garde Fencing Club’s Stay At Home Course
3/30: Zagunis vs Pustai video commentary
3/28: Quarantine Fitness Tracker

Epee Team

4/16: Variations on the Half-Advance
4/15: Defensive Hand Positions and Transitions
4/8: Epee Footwork and Hand Preparation Coordination
4/1: Epee Extension and Footwork with a Simple Target
3/23: Disengage
3/23: Extend, Relax, Extend Drill
3/23: Simple Extension
3/20: Additional Footwork Combos
3/20: Simple Footwork Combos
3/20: Check Forward, Check Back
3/20: Lunging
3/20: Epee Body Cord Repair


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