US Fencing Development Status Check

On Labor Day weekend, thirty-four participants, spanning three generations of fencers aged 11 to 84, gathered to explore saber fencing. Our topics included what’s changing, what patterns are being recognized, and what work needs to be done in order to best arm our next generation of fencers. Our leader for this event was US Women’s National Saber Coach, Ed Korfanty. Our club “won” Korfanty’s visit from an Indiegogo fundraising challenge and helped open the doors [Read More]

Saber Colloquium and USFCA Accreditation Testing Announced

Attention saber fencers, coaches and referees! Please join for a unique weekend opportunity designed specifically for the advancement of saber development in the United States. In addition, there will be opportunity for US Fencing Coaches Association Accreditation. Who: Ed Korfanty, US National Sabre Coach When: Sept 4-6, 2015 Where: Mid-South Fencers’ Club 125 N. Gregson Street Durham, NC 27712 Host Hotel: Marriott Residence Inn 1108 West Main Street Durham, NC 27701 (.1 mile from fencing [Read More]


More Thoughts on Coach Creator

Two days this week while giving lessons, I have experienced an openness to creativity similar to what I mentioned in my previous blog. I can only describe it as feeling very at peace with the person to whom I am giving my lesson, and very able to see things and move things through the lesson. There is also a feeling of connection, or I think it is trust between fencer and coach, and coach and fencer. A few times there has been a pushback, or “fight” (having trouble finding the work here) between the student and that has given way to kind of Zen feeling, or a state of flow that you often hear athletes talk about during competition.


Coach Creator

It Might Get Loud is a documentary that consists entirely of Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge swapping stories and deliberating on their experiences of coming into their own as musicians. Jack White states, “It’s almost like having three carpenters sit around talking about the radial-arm saw,” or I would say, “three Maestros discussing the new timings of the FIE boxes and their impact on fencing in each weapon.”


Fencing for a Lifetime

Because fencing is a lifetime sport, I teach people of all ages. Every age bring its own identity and its own challenges for a coach. This year we have the full spectrum, finally! This Saturday marks our first Y10 event. I am so excited! Young children do not question the coach regarding what they do. Most are in the moment, experiencing the joy of movement, asking “was that my point?” They learn soon that winning means something.


Kansas City NAC Thoughts

I have never been to a NAC like this. It was different. The previous NAC in Iowa was a great event for our fencers, with solid finishes, but I was so disappointed in the refereeing, anything I would say about that event would be tainted heavily with negativity. This NAC I had a day off, so I volunteered to referee. If you aren’t going to offer a solution, you can’t complain, right? So, I offered my time.


Coaching Treasure

In my recent move to a new home across town, I spent a few minutes organizing DVDs.  I came across a DVD that Ed gave me from The British Academy of Fencing in 2004 titled, “A Coach Education Master Class” by Z. Czajkowski. Other than it being a wealth of information from my coaching grandfather- I find myself laughing and reflecting on the development of my own coaching style. Czajkowski was Ed’s coach, and is viewed as [Read More]