Mid-South Tournament Information

 National and Locally Sanctioned Tournament Schedule:

  • Mid-South’s Division 3 Foil & Saber Event: September 28, 2019-RESULTS
  • Bull City Sabre Regional Youth Circuit Event: November 2-3, 2019 – RESULTS
  • New Year’s Open @ Mid-South–Senior Epee, Senior Foil, Senior Saber: January 1, 2020 – RESULTS
  • Mid-South Fencers’ Club Grand Open–Div 1A Epee, Foil, Saber: February 8-9, 2020 – REGISTER
  • Unrated Epee, Foil, Saber: March 3-4, 2020 – REGISTER
  • Ned Light Memorial Sabre Regional Youth Circuit Event: June 20-21, 2020 – REGISTER
  • 12th Annual Mid-South Fencers’ Club Big Blue: August 8-9, 2020 – REGISTER

Age categories are defined by USA Fencing’s Age and Classification chart, you can view information for the 2019-2020 season here.

Priority On Youth Tournament Series

The Priority on Youth tournament series began in Durham in 2008 and is the longest continuous running youth tournament series in North Carolina fencing history hosted by a private fencing club. Priority on Youth is not just a series of tournaments, but a supportive approach for developing young athletes.  Mid-South Fencers’ Club is committed to creating an environment that allows athletes to pursue the values of fair play and sportsmanship by encouraging developing strong training habits utilizing the motivation that occurs though competing in supportive environments.

Priority on Youth tournaments are excellent introductions to fencing competition for fencers for all youth competitive youth fencers.  These tournaments provide opportunity for young athletes in training to hone their skills and apply new techniques.  If you are curious if your fencer is ready, ask your child and ask your coach. We recommend everyone take a moment to read Coach Jen’s Blog on youth competitive fencing here. Fencers from other clubs are welcome to attend, all participants must be USA Fencing members.  Equipment rental available upon request.


Local 2019-2020 Priority on Youth and Developmental Saber Schedule and Registration Links:

2019-2020 Points List (Updated 12/9/19)

Y10 Saber
Fencer name Total points
Yash Mehta 2020
Toby Qin 1440
Jaden Hong 1180
Myer Bramlett 1060
Neila Huang 980
Mary Elizabeth Tracy 340
Parker Ingui 20
Wyatt Heller 20
Joshua Minton 20
Y12 Saber
Fencer name Total points
Tyson Deck 13760
Evan Fruth 11600
Josh Sun 9960
Toby Qin 9840
Spencer Hil 8500
Kushal Hiremath 8080
Guillaume Preud’homme 7220
Jaden Hong 6540
Colby Lovetinsky 6480
Nora Xie 5740
Solomon Slep 4980
Neila Huang 4780
Caroline Wang 4640
Ellora Wunnava 4440
Sarah Mueller 4400
Naomi Gibson 4100
Clemens Liu 2820
Mark McManaman 2740
Endymion Liu 2020
Elle Carrasco 1840
Gina Zeng 1380
Jasper Schmid 1060
Myer Bramlett 20
Y14 Saber
Fencer name Total points
Krish Mehta 9440
Evan Dystart-Chappell 7480
Luis Cox 7120
Michael Baerman 5960
Matthew Chaves 5460
Connor Woodward 5360
Ari Etin 3960
Elina Wunnava 3000
Josh Sun 2700
Phoebe Todd 1840
Ayden Throne 1720
Lundyn Mills 1580
Huseyin-Abdullah Tuna 1000
Elle Carrasco 800
Kushal Hiremath 700
Silas Anthony 700
Lily Huang 360
Tyson Deck 240
Guillaume Preud’homme 20
Malina Coovadia 20

Updated 1/13/20

Congratulations Connor Woodward – the 2018-2019 Priority On Youth Champion!

Points List Rules

Priority on Youth 2019-2020 will feature 5 tournaments beginning in Fall of 2019 and culminating in spring of 2020.  Within each tournament there are three events based on the age of the fencers. Youth 10 athletes are born between 2009-2012, Youth 12 athletes are born between 2007-2010, and Youth 14 athletes are born between 2005-2008. Fencers compete in their eligible events and earn points based on their placement at the end of each event. The Priority on Youth series culminates with a Grand Finale Pizza Party at conclusion of the June event celebrating the top participants in each age category. Every participant will get to pick from the prize table if they have competed in at least 4 out of the 5 tournaments. 12028732_1149875025040579_7378995012116085716_o

At the end of the year finale, special recognition awards will be given to the highest-placing fencer in each of the Y10, Y12 and Y14 categories. Interested in participating in our Priority on Youth but have questions?  Please email info@midsouthfencersclub.org for more details!

All attendees of Mid-South Fencers’ Club events are expected to adhere to the Parent, Coach and Spectator Agreement