Wheelchair Fencing

Mid-South’s goal has always been to offer inclusive fencing programs for all levels and abilities of athletes. We are the only club in North Carolina that integrates assisted fencing into our mainstream programming. Youth and adult wheelchair athletes can participate in the sport at Mid-South and can travel nationally and internationally to compete if they so desire. We’ve been able to offer our adapted fencing program because of our partnership with BridgeIISports, a non-profit organization that  provides opportunities for children and adults who are physically challenged to play team and individual sports.

We have a membership specifically designed to meet the development needs of adapted athletes. We welcome donations to support fencers at our club: Please consider a tax-deductible contribution through BridgeIISports.

Thank you. We appreciate your support!  If you are interested in wheel chair fencing, please contact Coach Jeff at jeff@midsouthfencersclub.org.